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El Aula Azul school

El Aula Azul has been a school specialized in teaching Spanish for more than 11 years. We are in San Sebastián (North of Spain) and we also offer face-to-face courses so that our students can discover our beautiful city.

Why study Spanish online with us?

  • We are a school endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes: this means that the highest organization of Spanish teaching in the world, periodically checks that we are doing our job well and that we are offering quality teaching.
  • Our teachers receive continuous training at our school in Spain. We are not a platform that hires teachers as the demand for online classes grows. We work hand in hand with our teachers and we can make sure and supervise that they are doing quality classes. We know them and they have a professional background within our organization.
  • We follow a structured study plan that has given us very good results: you can trust all the activities, topics and structures that your teachers will teach you, because they are perfectly designed within a general plan for you to learn realistically and effectively.
  • We're cutting-edge in online teaching: We have a Study Coordinator who makes sure to update all teachers on the uses of new technologies to make the most of the classes. In addition, we have an internal teachers' forum where we continually discuss the best way to do the classes.
  • Our playful classes always work in all the skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In addition to learning you have a great time and feel like you’re learning from the first day.

Extras with your course

Make the most of your class, also outside of it

Talkin pal programme

Just by doing the course with us, we will put you in touch with a native Spanish who wants to learn your language and assign you tasks to do together. The ideal complement to your classes to practice Spanish orally.

Video learning platform

You will have access to a Spanish learning platform through online videos with which to practice listening comprehension. Listen to much more Spanish and practice!

A discount to study with us in Spain

If you decide to study with us during your holidays in our school in Spain, you will get a discount on your course.